Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It's hard to believe that we've had a significant amount of snow twice in less than 3 weeks...

We didn't get a chance to really enjoy the snow at Christmas because we were busy preparing to host the Norton family Christmas...too much cleaning had to be done!

Last night, I was afraid we weren't going to be able to enjoy the snow this time around because Arden decided to come down with the stomach bug, but thankfully it seems to be a mild case and she is all better now :)

This is what we woke up to this morning:

We think we've had around 8 inches of snow so far. Flurries are still falling occasionally, but I don't think we will have much more accumulation. However, it's not supposed to get out of the 30's until the weekend so it looks like the white stuff will be sticking around for awhile!

After we all bundled up, we headed out to enjoy the snow. In the past, Arden hasn't been too thrilled about playing in the snow. After just a few minutes she is ready to head back inside to be warm and cozy (she's my kind of girl!). She lasted a bit longer this time around, but still wasn't too interested in playing and preferred to be carried everywhere we went.
Building a snowman with Daddy!
Murphy had a blast playing in the snow! It was hard for me to get a picture of him because he was so busy playing!
The finished product...pretty good if I do say so myself :)

Enjoy the snow...and enjoy all the extra family time God has blessed you with. I know we will!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I love's my favorite time of year!

We had a blast watching Arden discover the joys of the season....

Santa, toys, candy, and even snow!

I can't believe it has already come and gone :(

As much fun as it was, and I know it will continue to be--

Our prayer is that Arden and Tucker will grow to know and love the true meaning of Christmas

and will enjoy giving so much more than receiving!


We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family. Of course, I took very few pictures and left that to my talented sister who owns a "real" camera! So....until I get a copy of all those pictures, enjoy this shot of Arden and Silas on Christmas Eve. They were waiting oh-so-patiently to open their presents!

I can't believe how fast they are growing--can someone please slow things down for me?!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!