Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Arden is 3 months old!

Last Tuesday, Arden turned 3 months old! It's amazing to me that in 3 short months she has changed so much. This picture was taken the day she was born:
And here she is just a few days ago:
And it's not just her looks that have changed. Her personality is growing and developing each day. She smiles non-stop, loves to "talk", and has started mimicking some faces. She loves to chew on her hands and blow spit bubbles :) She loves it when I sing to her so I try and do this every morning. "Good Morning to You" and "Jesus Loves Me" are two of her favorite songs. Arden has also rolled over from her back to her tummy--but then she starts crying because she HATES being on her tummy! I try and have a little bit of "tummy time" each day with her, but it doesn't last long because she starts crying a few minutes into it. If anyone has any suggestions for making it more enjoyable for her, definitely pass them along!

It is so incredible to see these changes happening each day. I'm sure there are many more things that Arden is doing, but these are the ones that came to my mind first. Geoff and I love spending time with her--the smallest things make us smile so much! We can't wait to see what happens over the next month!

She doesn't go to the Dr. this month so I don't have any stats to give you, but I do have several pictures to share! Her next appointment is March 6 so I will have her stats after that. Until then, enjoy pictures of our little sweetie :)

Murphy is always watching out for Arden--making sure we don't do anything to hurt her!

Some of my favorite faces she makes:

Taking a walk in the sling

Trying out the exersaucer for the first time! Thanks G.G.!!

Isn't she the cutest thing?

This is the kind of picture I get when I try and take some while holding her!

No matter how tired she was, she just couldn't let go of the frog :)

Posing for pictures after our walk

Possibly my favorite picture of her so far!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I entered Arden in the Valley Baby of the Month contest here in Huntsville so I need you all to vote for her! Click here to vote--you can vote once a day per computer--so vote as many times as you can! If you have trouble with the link, you can go to and click on the Valley Baby of the Month ad. The babies are listed alphabetically by first name. Hope you are all having a great day!