Friday, March 19, 2010

Let the messes begin!

I HATE messes! I'm a control freak and want to clean up every little mess as soon as it's made.

So, times like these are difficult for me...
I know they come with the territory of being a mommy...
but whether or not I'M ready for them, Arden is ready to be little Miss Independent!
This is her trying to hide from the camera. Every time I would get the camera out and ready, she would turn and laugh...I had to trick her to get a few shots!
It has been difficult for me to let go of the spoon and pass it on to Arden. At first she just wanted to shake it and throw her food EVERYWHERE! She's passed that now, but I'm usually standing close by with a wet cloth--ready to clean up every little spill :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

16 Months!

I realized that it's been quite sometime since I've done an update on Arden, so here you go!
  • At her 15 month Dr. appointment, she weighed 22lb. 11oz. (50th percentile) and was 31.5 inches long (75th percentile).
  • She continues to be a great sleeper! Arden sleeps at least 12 hours a night, and usually takes a 1.5-2 hour nap each day.
  • She LOVES puzzles and is getting pretty good at them.
  • She does have a bit of a temper, especially when she doesn't get her way. (I wonder who she got that from?!)
  • Arden is definitely a Mommy's girl :)
  • She can say Momma, Da-Da, Nonna, baby, Abby, up, bubbles, eyes, and yes. She tries to say Tuck-Tuck and Nae-Nae but they end up sounding just like Da-Da and Nonna :) She also tries to say Apie--we are definitely making progress with April's name!
  • Arden makes animal noises for dogs, cows, pigs, monkeys, and lions/tigers.
  • She can point to her nose, mouth, ears, belly button, hands/fingers, and feet/toes. If you ask her where her eyes are, she always points to her ears instead :)
  • If you give Arden a paper towel or tissue, she will often start "cleaning" anything and everything around her.
  • She loves to "fix" her hair, and will "fix" yours if you ask her to :)
  • Arden loves giving kisses and is especially fond of "being sweet" to Murphy, too! Thankfully, he is so laid back and doesn't mind all of the attention.
We are truly blessed to have Arden in our lives! She continues to bring us so much joy each day and we treasure every moment we spend with her.

Future photographer :)
Every time I would try and take her picture she would start running towards me!
Too cute :)

We love you Arden Leigh and we thank God for you every day!