Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lesson learned

As a parent, you know this might happen. In fact, you know it's pretty likely. However, I really felt like we were in the clear with Arden because she has a very clear understanding of most things. But I was proved wrong tonight.

Arden was supposed to be my helper tonight in the kitchen. We were making spaghetti and she wanted to stir the sauce. When I told her she needed to move her stool to a different area so she could help, she said she couldn't because the stove was hot.....and then she proceeded to slap her hand on an eye that had been on just a few seconds before. 

Poor girl, the look of terror in her eyes was almost too much for mommy. I know it hurt so stinkin' bad. But our big girl was so brave. We soaked her hand in mustard for a couple of hours and then (thanks to April and Silas) we made a special blue medicine (desitin and aloe vera) and coated her hand with it. Now it's all bandaged up and she loves having a "paw" like Murphy :)

We've asked her SEVERAL times tonight if she will ever touch the stove again and her answer is a very clear "No!".....I'd say this was a lesson learned. Too bad it had to be learned the hard way!

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