Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a few more days...

So our due date has come and gone and little Arden is still not here! We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I have made absolutely no progress towards labor so I am scheduled to be induced on Monday morning unless Arden miraculously decides to do things differently. Luckily, I am still not miserable and since the end is definitely in sight, it should be pretty easy to remain this way. We are so excited to meet Arden and can't wait for Monday to be here. I will be admitted to the hospital Sunday night so they can prep me for being induced. Please keep us in your prayers as our lives are about to be changed forever--for good of course, but it's definitely a big change! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend--we will do our best to update the blog with lots of pictures when Arden is born! Oh and Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nursery Pictures

Just thought I would share some pictures of our finished nursery! We LOVE it and are so excited for Arden to be here--only 11 more days until my due date! Thanks to everyone who helped paint the room and furniture--especially my mom. She worked so hard and did a fabulous job. Thanks mom--we love you!

I just couldn't help but add a picture of Murphy, the big brother-to-be :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Busy Bees...

Warning! This is a long post!!!

Wow! It has been quite awhile since I've posted--things have been very busy for us since Labor Day weekend. Hopefully I can give you a short re-cap (haha!) of all that we've been doing over the last month or so.
Labor Day weekend, we travelled to Michigan to spend the weekend with Geoff's family. Geoff was in Chicago for a business trip the week before, so my mom, sister, and I met him there on Friday. We had a great time with his family and enjoyed the great weather. On Sunday, his aunts threw us a baby shower. It had been almost 2 years since I had seen many of his aunts/cousins, so it was great to catch up with them as well as meet a few new people too! We got a lot of cute clothes and other necessities for Arden which we are so thankful for! Thanks to his family for thinking of us during this special time in our lives.
The next Saturday, we were blessed to have our closest friends throw us a dinner party/baby shower. Nathan and Steph hosted it and we had a wonderful time with all of our friends. We had P.F. Changs for dinner and then spent the remainder of the evening chatting and enjoying one another's company. They also gave us a diaper bag full of goodies for Arden as well as a BEAUTIFUL piece of art for the nursery! (pictures to follow) Thanks to our great friends--we are truly blessed to have you in our lives!
Sunday, April P. hosted our church baby shower (we are SO blessed aren't we?!). It was a great evening full of fellowship with ladies from church. We received adorable outfits and cute nursery decor--thanks to each one of you. We are so honored to be part of a wonderful church family!
Friday, September 12th, Geoff and I had a dinner party to honor our friends Sy and Dasha who are moving to Iceland in just a few days. We are so sad they are leaving us, but we know God is going to use them in tremendous ways in Iceland! That night we also learned that they are expecting their first child--Praise God! We can't wait to meet their little one--please keep them in your prayers as they move overseas and prepare for their baby.
The 13th, we were blessed to have another shower hosted by April (my sister) and my good friend Jenni. My aunt Holly was so kind to host it at her house. This shower was for my family and close friends. Again, we received so many great things including diapers, clothes, pack-n-play, and our stroller/car seat combo. God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful for every thing we have received as we prepare for Arden's arrival. Thanks to all of our family and friends--not just for your generous gifts, but for your prayers as we prepare to meet Arden!
Our friends Nathan and Steph were married on the 26th--what a blessing it was to be a part of their special day! It was such an honor to witness two of our best friends commit their lives to each other. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but I'm sure she will have some posted on her blog very soon!
Whew---I think that pretty much covers everything! Oh, except for one small bit of exciting news. April, my sister, is also pregnant and is due November 30th! We are so excited that Arden will have a cousin so close to her age. April is having a boy, and has named him Silas Alan. Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares to welcome Silas into the world!
Alright, so enough talking--here are some pictures from the last month or so. Maybe soon I will post a picture of mine and April's bellies!

A couple of pictures from my church shower:

Pictures on Lake Michigan:

My Michigan shower: