Friday, April 25, 2008

Promised Pictures

The beautiful Bride, Jenni, and me at the reception

The new family--Vince, Jenni, and Ellie :)

Miss Molly Kate--Isn't she precious?


My friend Jenell gave birth to her baby girl yesterday! Molly Kate weighs 6 lbs. and 6 oz. and is 18in. long. Mommy and baby are doing great--I'm headed to the hospital today to see everyone. Please keep Mommy, Daddy, and Molly Kate in your prayers as they begin this brand new time in their lives!

Also Congrats to my friends Jenni and Vince who are getting married today! I am so excited for the two of them--they definitely deserve the happiness they have found in each other! Please remember them in your prayers as well as they begin their new life together. I will try and post pictures of the new baby as well as wedding pictures later this weekend. I know, I know--I'm terrible about posting pictures, but I promise I'm trying to get better!

Also, my next Dr's appointment is Monday morning. I'm always anxious before each appointment so please pray that I will be filled with peace this weekend. I know that God is taking care of me and our little one--he has made this known to me many times already. Thanks again for all the prayers that each of you lift up on our behalf--we love you all!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

10 Weeks!

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to post about my appointment. We had our 10 week appointment on Monday and it went so well! We were able to see AND hear the baby's heartbeat this time which was very exciting. Our baby is definitely going to be active--it's already moving around like crazy! The baby measured 3.5cm long and the heartrate was 176 which is fantastic! We could also see it's little arms and hands--it's definitely all becoming more real to me now. As soon as I can, I will post the ultrasound pictures. As for me, I'm still doing pretty good. I'm still struggling to find food that actually sounds good to eat but hopefully this will pass soon. I have gained 4lbs. since my last appointment so obviously I'm finding something to eat! Thank you so much for all the prayers that are being lifted up for us--we know that everything is under God's control and we praise Him for that. On a side note, I've been trying to get Geoff to post a little something to give his perspective on all of this, but he's being a little reluctant :) So I encourage all of you out there who want to hear from him to give him a little shout out--maybe that will give him the push he needs!